Casino Tiger-Dragon

Technique of playing Tiger-Dragon

Tiger-Dragon is another form of open-card betting game that is similar to Baccarat, just that not counting multiple cards together. Because only 1 card is used to show each side, which, of course, takes less time in this game. and more exciting than baccarat Because we do not know what the cards that will come out are. And even more so,

along with having to cut off 1 card first, always making it harder to guess. But of course, for this topic We didn’t come here to tell you that. Dragon Tiger game is how hard, but come to tell. playing technique

Tiger-Dragon Online for you to start playing when the game walks for a while, as said from the beginning that the Dragon Tiger game is a game that we need to use technique, so closing your eyes and betting from the first eye It’s something we really don’t recommend you do as it’s very risky as the style of the game is ready to change

at any time, so it’s best to let the game run for at least 10-20 turns in order to take a look. Out of what kind of card layout, change the technique, you may take the technique of viewing the card in the game of Baccarat. Can be used with this game as well. But using one technique might not be enough. because during the game There

may be a change in the form of the cards at any time. which this You need to notice that when the cards don’t come out the way you think. Then it means the style of the game has completely changed. In principle, you too

should change the technique as well, change the room. The advantage of playing Dragon Tiger online is that you can move the table. Or a room that can bet continuously by the point that will make many people decide. change room in bet Is when we lose 3-4 times in a row or more because that room or table is probably not

suitable for you anymore. and changing rooms in order to find a more suitable form of betting game Probably a better option If you have a low budget and doesn’t want to lose so often that it loses morale