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hello friends gambler in game Baccarat online, everyone. Now we will open information on the casino’s baccarat cheating, how they have some methods to suck money from people who bet on baccarat like us. It can be said that this is another new information that we have received from our fellow members who have been in this industry for a long time. Many people who bet on baccarat online, have you

ever noticed that when we go to play cards while the cards are dealt? While we are looking at the dealers, whether playing through a mobile screen is good. Whether playing through the computer screen is good. Here, I noticed or wondered whether or not the person dealing the cards was talking to anyone. Here, many people may be optimistic that the person he dealt the cards, he secretly played. Secretly talk to the person who deals the cards next to the table Or having to talk to the manager at the table.

But the answer that everyone has never known before is that The person who dealt the cards we were playing with was Will have to talk to the person who monitors the game everything. The monitor that has people working on this, it also sends a signal to the person who controls the system with another one. By the person dealing the cards, he himself was about to say which side stabbed more or which side stabbed less. that the result that it will be released in that eye is the result of the stabbing of the person who stabbed a lot Which side is the least stabbed?

Let’s take a closer look at the second method of cheating. When the person who controls the system has to store the user, whichever it is. In the user, it can be said that there will never be a day that will definitely be stabbed. But if the bet is correct, it will be very low, for example, if we bet 10 times, it may be correct only 2 times. Then the amount that we bet 2 times that the user bet wins It will be an eye that places a very small bet. It can be said that together, it cannot be profitable for sure.

It can be said that there will only be negatives at all. But whether it’s very negative or just a little negative Here, it depends on the person who controls the system to order. It is called that we can play or play it. It will depend on the person who controls the system only. It doesn’t depend on our luck. It does not depend on the baccarat formula we use. It doesn’t depend on the money walking formula that we use at all. This is the latest information on online casino baccarat cheating.