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Kim Niederman Dilantik sebagai CEO GlobalMeet

GlobalMeet, a virtual event technology powerhouse used by major players in the finance, consulting, and pharmaceutical industries, proudly announces the appointment of Kim Niederman as its new CEO. Known for its unrivaled position in the market, GlobalMeet has chosen Niederman, a seasoned industry veteran, to lead the company into the next phase of unparalleled virtual event services.

A Visionary Leader for a Global Powerhouse

Kim Niederman brings a wealth of experience to his role as CEO of GlobalMeet. Having served as president at 8×8 and held CEO positions at FreeWave Technologies, Anagran, and LongBoard, Niederman is recognized for his ability to drive tech companies to record success. His executive roles at Polycom and Cisco further solidify his reputation as a growth accelerator, capable of refining products and go-to-market strategies.

A Formidable Track Record

GlobalMeet has entrusted Niederman with its future growth, and his track record speaks volumes. Before joining the company, he successfully scaled five companies (both public and private), bringing several of them to a market capitalization exceeding $1 billion. With this impressive background, Niederman is poised to lead GlobalMeet’s virtual event technology into a new era of expansion, capitalizing on digital events’ market opportunities.

Pivotal Group’s Commitment to Success

As GlobalMeet continues its upward trajectory, Pivotal Group, the company’s private equity sponsor, remains committed to securing qualified leaders for this journey. Francis Najafi, founder and CEO of Pivotal Group, expresses confidence in Niederman’s contemporary vision and determined approach. He sees this appointment as a crucial step that reinforces GlobalMeet’s brand as an innovative industry leader, allowing the company to focus on its strategic roadmap and create lasting value for customers.

A Strategic Focus on Innovation

Niederman is drawn to GlobalMeet by its loyal customer base and highly-rated solutions and services. His excitement about expanding GlobalMeet’s offerings through innovative applications of AI and emerging technologies reflects a commitment to staying at the forefront of industry trends. Niederman envisions building upon GlobalMeet’s world-class reputation, positioning the company to revolutionize the virtual events industry.

A Seamless Future for GlobalMeet

Michele Dobnikar, President of GlobalMeet, expresses enthusiasm for Niederman’s appointment, highlighting his comprehensive background in leadership and technology. As GlobalMeet enhances its capabilities and expands its reach, Niederman’s unique go-to-market strategy is expected to accelerate the company’s success within the events industry. GlobalMeet, the go-to solution trusted by major financial institutions, Fortune 500 pharmaceutical companies, and top accounting and consulting firms, is now set to redefine the landscape of virtual event technology under Niederman’s leadership.