Casino Poker

How to play poker

How to play poker

1 card poker in the Royal Fach group or in the Royal Step Fach group, as the

name says, Royal. Therefore, the cards are in the category of the big cards that we know well, which are JMKQ and 10. These cards may be arranged in the same suit. As for the cards of the same character such as J, they are the same but the flowers are different. The flower with the biggest score is at the spade

2 stash flush.

For this set you must have all 5 cards of the same suit lined up. It can be counted as a step flush, for example having cards arranged in hand as 3 hearts 4 hearts 5 hearts 6 hearts 7 hearts

3 full house

A full house is a hand of 5 cards that must match three cards. i.e. 3 cards of the same rank and 2 pairs of cards, you win the full house in that game. However, if a player with the Blue House as it was the top scorer in the cards who have scored more, it will be the winners in the

4 four cards

you win the Four cards are dealt, either. 5-card hand must be an existing 4 has scored the Rams and the other one leaves differ not respect that winning four card right away

5 Fuchs

in the hand is dealt 5 cards of the same suit by that. The points do not have to be in order. But if there is more than one person with the same fuch, the player who has one of the cards larger or more than one card wins

6 stacks,

including all 5 numerical cards unnecessarily. must have the same flower If there are players with the same stash, the winner will also be the one with more cards.

7 three cards

Three cards, in the hand there are 3 cards of the same rank, while the other 2 are any of

8 pairs of cards. Two

is a person whose hand is a pair of two identical cards. But if there is more than 1 pair of cards, look at the points from the pairs that you have first to see who has more points. If the points are different again, look at the remaining 1 card to see who is greater than the other

9. A pair of cards

in the hand have 1 pair of cards. If there are many people in the players, compare from the card value, whoever is more wins

10 cards. And

if in the game no one has any of the above cards, then look at the hand of who has the highest card. that person wins

When you know the principles and rules of playing, you can see that playing poker is very easy. And poker cards in online casinos can be played like real cards.