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How to count points in baccarat games

How to count points in baccarat games will be counted like bounce cards The highest point is 9 and JQK counts as 0 and A counts as 1. For example:

• Player’s side if it gets K and 6, the total is 16 but equals 6 points.

• Banker’s side if it gets a card. a and 9 equals 10 but equals 0 points

• Player’s side, if A and 5 cards are equal to 6 points

• Player’s side, if 10 and 6 cards are equal to 6 points,

are there any rules?

1. The player must be the one who chooses which side to bet on. By betting in each round, there will be 25 seconds to place bets.

Banker is a bet on the banker side. also known as the red shore but bets on the red side normally have a percentage of 5% bet deduction or will have a payout rate of 0.95 only.

side is a bet on the Player side. also known as the blue shore If bet on this side and win, will receive the bet amount equal to the bet we bet. For example, bet 200 will receive bet 200 baht

A tie is a tie bet between the banker’s side and the player’s side. By betting in this format, there will be a payout rate that pumps up to 8 times the bet, for example, a bet of 100 baht will receive a bet of 800 baht.

2. Players can bet from 50 baht up to 50000 baht.

3. In playing baccarat online, there will be a statistical table for players to use in making betting decisions as well. In the statistics table will record the results of all game scores each time. which can be viewed in a variety of formats

4. When the dealer has finished showing the cards The results of the cards will be displayed on the screen of the online baccarat room. And will show the result of losing and winning each game immediately. In each round the game proceeds quickly.