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Entrata Layered Intelligence: AI and ML Integration for Multifamily Property Management


Entrata, a leading AI-enabled multifamily industry operating system, has introduced Entrata Layered Intelligence, an artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) layer that seamlessly integrates into daily workflows. This integration empowers property managers to focus on residents by simplifying tedious daily tasks and enhancing the overall resident experience.

Key Benefits of Entrata Layered Intelligence

  • Efficiency and Automation: Layered Intelligence accelerates efficiency throughout the resident journey by handling time-consuming tasks, allowing onsite teams to dedicate more time to residents.
  • Analysis and Guidance: Property managers can prioritize important tasks as Layered Intelligence distills information and property data, anticipating trends and suggesting workflow optimizations.
  • Operating System Applicability: AI models and tools handle labor-intensive data sorting, making game-changing insights accessible to the entire company, enabling key business decisions.

Features of Entrata Layered Intelligence

  • Generative AI: Drafts high-level documents, such as emails and blog posts, using multifamily-specific language.
  • Reputation Management: Generates and responds to reviews with professional and appropriate responses in seconds.
  • Redd Virtual Assistant: Functions as a leasing team’s assistant, answering basic leasing questions, confirming pricing and availability, and scheduling apartment tours.
  • Language Translation: Provides quick and simple AI-generated translation for work orders, maintenance tasks, and more.

Entrata Bill Pay: Additional Efficiency for Property Managers

Entrata also introduces Bill Pay, a new product that simplifies vendor payments. Key benefits include:

  • Secure and Direct Payments: Vendors are paid securely, on time, and at minimal cost, directly through the Entrata Operating System.
  • Real-Time Updates: Payment status updates are immediately available within the Entrata Operating System.


  • Kelley Jamison, Manager of Multifamily Operations and Training at Hines:
    “Entrata Layered Intelligence has transformed our approach to day-to-day tasks, allowing us to focus on meaningful interactions with our residents. It provides nearly-final email drafts in seconds, making it a valuable addition to Entrata’s platform.”


Entrata Layered Intelligence and Bill Pay empower multifamily property managers to streamline operations, enhance resident experiences, and make informed decisions. These innovations reflect Entrata’s commitment to providing the best possible living experience for residents and enabling property managers to focus on what matters most.