Blackjack online terms you should know

Blackjack online terms you should know

Online blackjack may be a gambling game in an online casino that can be a bit tricky for those who are not yet proficient. But if you play often It will be better because online blackjack has many steps to play. Each step has different terminology Today we take a lot of words that are used to play blackjack online. So that newbies can understand and study by what vocabulary? And what does each word mean? Let’s go and see.

Stopping Cards

Players can choose to stop their cards at any time. and can stop the cards in any case

To draw a card

is to ask for 1 more card in case the total point of the player’s hand has not reached 21 points because the highest point in playing blackjack online is 21 points.

Splitting Cards

In case the player’s first 2 cards are of equal value Players can split their cards. by having to place more bets because it means that the player has increased the number of legs then can play draw cards normally Except that if the first 2 cards are A and A, the player can only draw 1 additional card per hand.

insurance for cards

Insurance is only possible if the dealer’s first card is an A, which is extremely risky to get. Blackjack or 21 points if the drawn card is 10, J, Q, K hence open for insurance. by having to place half of the bet amount that was placed on the bet, for example, bet 2000, then place insurance for 1000 cards. If the dealer draws a card with 10 points or gets blackjack, the guarantor will receive money. Returns 2 times, but if the dealer gets other cards The deposited amount will be forfeited.


If the player gets a card Blackjack and the dealer gets the first card A, you can charge the card first. without waiting for the result of how many cards the dealer has to prevent the dealer from getting the cards blackjack tie The payout rate will be only 1 to 1 from if winning by getting a card. Blackjack normally has a payout rate of 2 to 3 Another thing to know for those who want to play online blackjack betting games is that on the player’s side, they can stop their cards at any time, there is no set limit on how many points they have to stop. But for the banker’s side, there is a minimum score of 17 points.