Baccarat Casino

Basic Baccarat

People who choose to play baccarat online, baccarat, even if they have never experienced playing before, are actually not difficult for understanding. Creating learning to give yourself the opportunity to experience this type of gambling game. That’s because playing baccarat online has a way to play with different rules. easy to

understand There is nothing complicated, even those who have never gambled before will understand this type of gambling game well. So if anyone who wants to learn about playing online baccarat card games online. Let’s try to understand each other and then you will know that when everything is easy, it looks easy. Money must be prepared

beforehand by looking at the minimum investment of each website to choose how much to invest. And then we have to calculate some money in mind that how many eyes do we want to play in the first place?

Suppose that the minimum for betting on online baccarat of this website is 100 baht. We want to try it first for 10 eyes. We have to transfer money into the account for more than 1,000 baht and choose to bet one eye at a time by choosing the minimum rate first. 100 baht per eye for tasting and playing

Choose to enter a room that still has space for new players. When entering, we will see that there are money slots to choose from, consisting of Player, Banker, Tie, Player Pair, Baker Pair, which will begin to play seriously. So what should I choose to play?

For those who still can’t figure out where to try to put our money into which channel, it is recommended to choose traditionally first and then look at the statistics of which side is the most.

payment rate setting Bet on the player pays 1 time, bet on the dealer pays 1 time, gets deducted 5% of the commission, bet on the tie pays 8 times, bet on the dealer in a pair or the player out in a pair pays 11 times.

As for counting the points on the cards, whoever adds up to 8, 9 first is considered a natural card. be an instant winner But if there is no one to add together, if the point who is closest to 9 wins, 2 cards are dealt first, if they get 0-5, they have to draw 6, 7 more because the points are high, but if they get 8,9 they win. at all But if in the case

of 8, 9, the person who gets 9 points will be considered the largest. As for drawing another card, each person can draw 1 more card, when adding cards in their hand, use the digits of the unit as a score, for example, adding 15 equals 5 points.