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An example of the use of the opposite Martingale formula

as many online casino gamblers are well known. The martingale formula will compound when losing, but for the money walk formula to be mentioned, it will only compound on winning. every time win Keep doubling on and on. The bettor has to start betting at 1 unit in order to win in a row. Keep accumulating 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, etc. And in this

article we have two examples of the use of the Martingale opposite money formula for new gamblers as follows:

Example 1

– Starting on the banker side 1 unit if Win, get cash back 2 units

– next turn, continue bet 2 units on the banker side, repeat again if you win and get money back 4 units

– next turn, bet on the dealer 4 units (but the banker keeps repeating ) If you win, you will get 8 units of money back.

– When you win 3 consecutive rounds and get profit, want to decide whether to continue or stop to make a good profit

– if you don’t continue betting, keep 8 units in your pocket

– or if you choose to bet on the dealer 8 units, win again, you will get money Return 16 units, stop betting or start betting 1 unit again

– if you decide to start betting 1 unit again. If the next turn it pushes out, the dealer continues. Now it’s 5 red draws in a row

– you have 2 options: get upset because you’ll get more profit if you keep going, or you might be happy that
1 unit of capital can make 16 units of profit in just 4. Eyes (15 profits, 1 equity)

Example 2

– Suppose you bet on the dealer 1 unit and you win, you get 2 units back

– your next turn bet 2 units. If you win, you get 4 units.

– Next turn bet on 4 units if you lose because it leaves the player. You lost all your money

– as a result of this 3 turn bet (you win 2 loses 1) cost you 4 units

– but in reality you only lose 1 unit (1 unit stake, 3 units bet on profit)

– but You might be a little upset Because instead of getting 4, you’re not just doing that.