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3 secrets to get money from slots part 2

This great formula is to use funds that Start with a capital of approximately 10,000 baht, including the objective of 50,000 baht. How will the process be? For this formula, you need to choose a bet starting at 1,000 baht and you need to understand the risk as well. Players should press Auto Spin. In order for the slot game to go on and on, if it stops, you may miss a small chance of winning.

You need to start observing the rotation. how many times you have rotated And how much profit or loss did you get? Even if you spin 20 times and the player has made a profit of 15,000 baht, it can be considered that the best thing, the player needs to bet at the next 1,000 baht first and then you need to make the spin. Keep going until it’s close to 19,000 baht if the player has reached the spin. Let you add an additional 2000 baht to your stake and you

need to spin up to 25,000 baht in profit and you should remember how much you spin. Even with 30 spins and making money up to 25,000 baht, it can be considered an excellent story. And even the players betflix slot who want to earn faster You should therefore increase the bet amount of 3,000 baht in each turn, and you need to roll up to 40,000 baht, even then, giving you an increase of 10,000 baht.

and then this recipe Start the stake at 5,000 baht, set a goal of 10,000 baht, and you have to start betting 20 baht and the player should start the auto-spin button. If the player has made a profit of about 7,000 baht, then the player increases the bet to 100 baht to keep the game going and it’s important that you have to wait to judge the game as well.